Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a Minute Topics

Just a Minute topics

  1. Mouth watering eateries on roadside
  2. Are films only for entertainment?
  3. Freshers Day; is it breaking the ice?
  4. Engineering is a right platform to take-off for a bright career
  5. Are Engineering Colleges really producing professionals?
  6. Technical fests in Engineering Colleges
  7. Do we really have freedom of speech?
  8. Human being most advanced and powerful species on earth. Is that so?
  9. Some times wars are the best solution to a problem.
  10. Are we really working for our Goals?
  11. Is there any future to languages other than English?
  12. Role of youth in Global warming.
  13. Examination Stress on students
  14. Is there telephone etiquette among students?
  15. Staying in touch all the time is not a good thing.
  16. Role of youth in Vandalism
  17. Role of Women in economic growth
  18. Mother symbol of selfless love
  19. Role of Mother in family survival and growth
  20. Going abroad
  21. Reading habits on the decline
  22. Music in Telugu movies
  23. Smoking and social awareness
  24. Are there any peaceful ways to agitate
  25. Role of students in agitations
  26. Is progress and expansion possible without threatening forests and wildlife?
  27. New year resolutions are out of favour.
  28. We cannot take political speeches seriously.
  29. Web counseling a boon or bane?
  30. Wisdom lies in applying knowledge.

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